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We feel with our experience, having the right people in our group, as well as the best & proper  equipment,

we can provide a knowledgeable foundation for our clients regarding the  paranormal, & to be able to conduct & conclude,

 a successful investigation at any location we may go to & will

 strive to help all of our clients as a Group.



                                                   Our Help & review page will be used to post reviews of all of the equipment we use, we will post honest reviews,

if it's bad or does not work we will let you know here 1st, we will not want to anyone get a false impression of any piece of equipment, we will tell you how to do things,

 that help us, and what we have learned, so other new groups can have something to go by when they get started.

The 1st section of reviews that I will be starting with are EMF Meters, I will pick the most popular ones and the ones we have tried and give you an honest review and opinion,

I will do them in 2 lists, 1st will be reasonable priced ones under $75 as most groups do not have huge budgets, the 2nd list after the 1st one will be the higher priced models,

over $75 & probably will be over $100,  just click on the file icon next to the name or on the picture of the item to read the text file review, it is written as an

RTF, text file, it after clicking on the picture it will quickly download the review text file & you just click on it at the bottom of the screen where it now will be.



   Click this mail box to email us any questions or other inquiries you may have, or if you have a piece of equipment you really like & it works well for you,

please email me the make & model & send me a review on the item also &,

I will check it out & add it to our lists to help other groups & people that are looking to purchase equipment.                           


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 EMF Meter Reviews:        Click on this Ghost Meter Icon to access the detailed text file on EMF Meter reviews.                   


EVP/Audio Recorder Reviews:       Click on this Zoom Recorder Icon to access the detailed text file on EVP/Audio recorder reviews.



Camcorder Reviews: 


Types of Hauntings:     Click on this Textbook & Pen Icon to get our text file on the Different Types of Hauntings.