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                                                                                                                    UNDER CONSTRUCTION

                                               Poasttown Elementary School - Videos

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                                                                                                               Best heard with a headset, you can hear them clearer














                             Poasttown Elementary School EVP's

                          Right click on link open in a new window

                                    Best heard with a headset, you can hear them clearer



Above you    Are we late    Behind you    Bob    Cheryl Ann     cherylann1   Child crying  

 Come back in here     Come in /mommy    Come over here   Come over John     Come follow me  

Don't Lie    Darrell Flipped  Daughter  Don't go around them  Don't go in there  Don't talk 

Enemies become friends    Give Brian the ball    Go ahead    Go ahead with it    Go Home  

 Go around the chair  Go over answers   Happy Birthday    Help Me      Hello     He's out chopping wood

                                                                                Hey Jack    Humming    I do too    I just need to look   I needed something    I'm at the door

                                                                It's night    John     Laura    Hey Laura    Martin    Meow    Put it down    Right here    Rocking chair

                                                                Running   Sound of footsteps down the hall    Shut them up     Shut up    Singing    Stop messing   

                                                                Study Hall      Take your light off    Try in to find you  Want to go play / my daddy     

                                                                Where you at    Whistling tune    Who's your daughter   Who you talking to    Who's candy




                                                                           Windsor Elementary School - Video


                                                       Windsor Elementary School -  EVP's

                                               Bye Sue    Noises     get help    Go left    Gretchen    Humming    Shoot him    Tapping 

                                                                   About  to freeze ,freezing to death ,yes yes yes      Rob and Sue still out there    Thank God

                                                                   Thank you   Repeat knock    Momma,Momma,Momma   Who's chalk you got    Yes you are


                                                                                      Hayswood Hospital - Videos








                              If you have a headset you can hear them clearer . You can still hear them without

                               If you can not play these download Quick Time

                               Voice saying Sarah

                               Come and pray with me

                               Are you here 

                              Man searching for Debbie                   

                              Debbie was this dead person's wife                    

                              I'm dead now                   

                              Who are you                    

                              Couldn't  understand words                      

                             Alright - don't think I can do that

                             Words I have nothing  


                               Have a seat now

                               You will hear uhh :03 secs

                               You will hear Walter twice one by a male and female