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   Vivitar Night  Vision Camcorder

Sony  Night Vision Camcorder

Kodak 12mp Camera

Kodak Night Mode Camera

4 - Vivitar Night Vision Camcorder’s

2 - Homemade IR Lites

2 - Homemade IR Lites

49 LED UV/IR Full Spectrum Lite

5 - Homemade 36 Led IR Lites

Modified 24 LED  Cam Lite

Homemade IR Camcorder Lite

2 - Homemade UV/Black Lites

Homemade 4 IR LED Lite

2 - Homemade 36 Led IR Night Vision Camcorder Light s

Zoom H1 EVP Stereo Recorder

Olympus Digital Audio/EVP Recorder

Samsung Mp3/Audio Recorder

Olympus Digital Audio/EVP Recorder

2 - Olympus Digital Audio/EVP Recorder’s

2 GB - Digital Voice/EVP Recorder

4 GB -Digital Voice/EVP Recorder

Homemade EMF Pump

Homemade EMF Pump/Large

Homemade EM Pump,Trigger Object

Homemade EMF Pump

Homemade EMF Pump

EM Pump made by  Bravo Paranormal

This is, the AGH Equipment Page, all of our equipment has been researched & reviewed before we purchase anything, also all of our IR Night Vision lights & EMF Pumps are Homemade by our Group Tech Manager John Michael, with assistance from other members.

Ghost Meter EMF Meter

Cell Censor EMF Meter

Modified K-2  Meter

Homemade EM Pump/Trigger Object

Mel Meter w/ Shadow Detector

Modified Gauss EMF Meter

Static E-Probe

2 Homemade Static Meters

1500 K  Taser

Compass/ Simple EMF Meter

Laser Temp Gauge

Laser Temp Gun

12 - Desktop Computers

Dell Laptop Computer

2 - Sets of Cobra Mini  Radios

2 - 10 Pocket Tactical Mesh Equipment  Vest’s

3 Pack of Mr. Beams Motion Sensor’s

Motion Sensor w/remote sensor control

Laser Grid  Purple



Ghost Hunting Computer Software for Logging all Investigations

Homemade Vivitar 510 Camcorder holder

53 - 50 inch Tripod‘s

Mini Flexable & Expandable Tripod’s

If you have any questions about the Equipment we use, the brand, model or want our own personal review & thoughts of any item, please email us with any questions.


Black T-shirt with our group Logo on it.

Small Equipment bag with group Logo

Turtle Beach Stereo/Surround Headset

Medium Camera Bag

8 GB Camcorder/ Camera Memory Chip

16 GB USB 3.0 Memory Stick

1st Aid Kit

4 GB Camcorder/ Camera Memory Chip

2 GB Audio Recorder Memory Card

2 - sets, Stereo PC Headphones for EVP Evidence Reviews

5 LED Hat Camera Light

DXG Full Spectrum Camcorder

Homemade EM Pump’s/Trigger Object’s

Homemade Dual, Pos/Neg Static Meter

Homemade EM Pump,Trigger Object

1- Set Mini Walkie Talkie

E - Probe 2.0

Sony Infrared Digital Camera

Mouse Em Pump/ Trigger objcet

2 - Sony PX-312 Digital Audio/EVP recorders

Sony Full Spectrum Camcorder

P-SB7 Spirit Box

Frank’s Box/Ghost Box with Turbo Mod

Ihome Mini Speakers



Large Hard Case On Wheels

Medium Hard Case

Small Hard Case

Green Laser Grid

Homemade Ion Generator