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Who we are!


We are Kentucky's

Premiere Paranormal Research & Technology Center.


We are building & testing new equipment to introduce to the Paranormal field & make available to all Groups when we are finished.

 We are a "Paranormal Investigations" Organization dedicated to the research & Documentation of Paranormal activity, & to help further the cause of all groups everywhere, by developing new ideas & equipment.

 We will strive to find all possible & plausible explanations for the unexplained happenings & events during any investigation, before we judge it to be paranormal activity or haunted.

Augusta Ghost Hunters is dedicated to the Scientific research of the Paranormal & to find Scientific answers to the unknown that we may encounter.

Utilizing both Scientific equipment & the newest available & state of the are software, AGH analyzes evidence of the unexplained, to solve a claim of Paranormal activity through science & technology.

 Our mission is to provide scientific data for everyone to examine & see.

Given enough data to support our hypothesis & theories on paranormal phenomena.

Augusta Ghost Hunters, hopes to gain the ability to accurately be able to show the differences between natural & unknown phenomena.

This unknown phenomena we hope will 1 day be categorized by the scientific community. If you believe you are experiencing a paranormal event in your household, workplace, or other location, you may contact us for a free case investigation.

You do not have to live in the Kentucky State area. We provide assistance across many bordering states as well.

We can provide a quick response for advice... or you can
request a FREE on-site case investigation for an in-depth analysis.

Our "All Volunteer" team members are well trained & learning more everyday, we will systematically investigate & research & then attempt to " without a doubt" either prove or disprove any reports of paranormal activity.

All information regarding your investigation is kept confidential, names & locations will not be disclosed without written consent of participants.

Our group practices extremely professional & reliable services & are dedicated to serving the community.

All information regarding your investigation is kept private & confidential, names & locations will not be disclosed without written consent of participants. We are dedicated to upholding a professional level of courtesy & attitude.


Contact AGH if you have any questions or would like to request either an investigation or we can sit down & discuss the situation with you.





The Entire AGH/

Augusta Ghost Hunters Team.



Sarah Correll, My parents old house had two bedrooms upstairs that were opposite each other. When I was in the 7th grade I remember waking up in the middle of the night and raising up in bed only to see a dark shadow standing in front of the window in my brothers room. It was very tall, kind of slim and nothing but black. The entity was staring down at my brother in his bed. I could clearly see its profile, nose, forehead, chin. I speechless. I laid back down and threw the covers over my head and prayed for it to go away until I fell asleep.

 Sue Spencer, I wanted to write a little about why I got into ghost hunting. My family always had stories to tell when I was a child about unexplained things. I’ve had experiences when I was a child.  When I was a small child I’ve seen things. Like one time I was laying in bed one night I saw a white figure stand beside my bed.  Another time we, my family, lived in a house where a man killed a lot of people in it. Every time it rained, there was red substance seeping though the floor. We were told it was the blood of the people that died in the house.  Before my grandfather died we went and visited him. We started to hear strange noises come his work shop .Like he was working in there .No one was in there. He passed away a week later. They believe it was an omen of some kind.

I can go and on about my childhood experience about ghost/spirits

 As I have grown older. I had many things happen to me. I had something play with my toes at night. I have some thing play with my hair day or night.  I have been awakened before, by some one shaking me like they were trying to wake me up. When this first happened to me I thought it was just a dream. It happened, several times. After that, then I realized it wasn’t a dream. I just had laid down one afternoon, had not gone to sleep yet. Then something shook me. I got up and sat on the couch. I asked it, what they wanted. After that it never woke me up again.

Then one night I was up on my computer about 3 in the morning I felt a hand on my shoulder and something told me to go to bed. I looked around, and no one was there.

 Another time I was on the computer. I heard a popping sound coming from the TV (it wasn’t even on) I turned to look, I saw a shadow figure walk across the floor.

What really got my interest in ghost? My son was killed in car wreck a week before Christmas. I prayed to God, and asked him let Paul visit me on Christmas day.  Christmas came and went, I didn’t feel Paul around me that day. A couple of weeks later I was praying like I normally do. I asked God why you didn’t let Paul come for Christmas.  I don’t know if God was talking to me or not. But this voice said to me, get your pictures out, and look. So I got my disk out with my Christmas pictures.  Sure enough he was there on one of my pictures. I will post the picture up on our website later.

 Another time I was in bed I seen this arm come up beside my bed. I heard my son say help me. I reached out and took his hand and helped him up. He stood up and said to me get your oxygen on mom you need it. Then he disappeared.

 One time I went to the grave yard to see his headstone that was just put in. I tried to take a picture and my camera wouldn’t work. I came home and it worked, when I viewed the picture, there was a big Angel in the picture. I will also post it later.

I’ve had numerous things that have happened to me that is unexplained. I do believe in paranormal activity. I’m out to see what is out there.

Although, I do know there are a lot of logical explanations for what is happening but I accept, that this is not always the case and I want to contribute to finding out what the other side is.




 Rob Spencer

My 1st one was when I was around 14, I bought a Quija board at the store, I got my friend who was 12 to help me try it out, we tried half that 1st day we had it, we could not get the pointer to move, nothing worked, we followed all the directions, so finally I got tired of fooling with it and after seeing many horror movies and movies with these boards used in them, I did something stupid, I called for all Devil’s, Demons and well just about anything I could think of, that I had ever heard of, read about or seen in movies to come out and let us know they were there, again, nothing happened.

 Nothing happened until I went to bed that night, I was lying in bed in the dark and saw a dark black shadow in my doorway to the hall, it did not bother me as my mom would always stop in several times a night just to check on me, so she always appeared there as a dark shadow until some light would hit her, then it began to move across the room at the foot of my bed towards the outside wall, it was tall, and big, too much so to be either of my parents, as it moved thru the room, it remained a solid black figure, too big to be a person, but with a similar shape, it moved very slowly across my room, with it’s head pointed in my direction but too dark to see a face.

 At that point after realizing it was not a parent, I tried to scream or yell out, I could not, I had always seen in movies that someone would get scared and not be able to scream, I always that it was fake an just something for the movies, until I found out later, that if your scared enough, you will be unable to make a sound, so I lay there scared to death, more than at anytime in my life, it seemed like minutes, I was sweating, it was dripping off me, I could not move, finally it moved across the room and disappeared into the dark corner of the outside wall and my closet corner, a short time after, I was finally able to scream out for help, my parents ran in, turned on the lights and nothing was there, they said it was a bad dream, I had never gone to sleep, I took off my tshirt and it was so full of sweat, that I actually rang out the wetness.

 The next night, I was asleep, dreaming, all of a sudden, in my dreams I felt something around my neck, choking me, it kept on until I woke up and I grabbed it and pulled it off my neck, it was a snake, I had it with both hands and was at that point fully awake, yelling for help, I threw it across the room into the darkness, my parents ran in and turned on the lights, they found nothing, but they did believe me, because all my grand parents, lived the hills of Southern Ky., and we were always visiting and bringing back baskets and boxes of beans and other items, so they thought that a snake may have been brought in, but no snake was ever found in the house, yet I had marks on my neck for days as if something in the shape of a snake had been around my neck.

The 3rd and final night of things, I was lying in bed, lights out but wide awake after the 2 previous nights events, when I heard my name lightly being called from the bedroom behind my wall, it was my sister’s room but she had moved out and it was empty.I kept hearing it, then it began to ask me to come into that room, I did not hesitate, I called for my parents, they checked the room, the entire house, no one else was there.I sat up alnight, unable to sleep.

The next day I returned my Quija board game back to the store, I never had any more experiences during that time.

Another time after I was married, I went with my entire family, my 4 kids and friends and wife to Gettysburgh PA., we stayed in a house on the battlefield where thousands had died during the battle, the place was definitely haunted, all of us had many experiences during our weeks stay there.

The biggest experience, we all came back 1 day for lunch after being out on the tours of the battlefield, there was like an atrium area that you had to enter to get to the front door, so the door there had no lock, it was full of pane glass, with many small windows.

 We could not get that door open to get to the front door to use our key, yet it had no lock, we all tried to open it, nothing would work, my wife picked up a brick nearby and tried to hit the handle to see if it would open, she missed and hit the glass, it broke about 6 of the small pane glass windows around the handle, it was a mess, we had ruined an old civil war era door, we knew it would be costly to fix, also a piece of the wood frame cracked when the brick hit it, then the door just popped open.The odd thing about that incident was, when we arrived back home in Cincinnati, I called and sent the owners of the house an email, telling them what had happened, and that they could keep our $300 deposit for the repairs, the lady was very upset, she said they had not yet been to the house to check it, she called for her husband and he became very angry with me on the phone, he said that glass door was original, and very old, it would cost more than $300 to replace it, they said we are going to go check it out now, they lived about an hour from there, and use to live in the house with their kids for many years.

 I never heard from them until a couple weeks later, I received a check in the mail for $300 from them, so I called them, and asked why they returned my money, they said, they did not like jokes being played on them, when they arrived at the house, that the glass door was as it always was, with no broken glass or cracked wood, nothing was out of place in the home, they said if this really did happen to us, and was not a joke, that they had many, many experiences themselves during all the years they raised their kids there, it was a very odd thing.

 There were many more experiences we all had at Gettysburg, too many to list right now, I am just getting started with my page, so I will write more later and add to this list.

Over 30 years of experiences of the paranormal , I never ever thought of  having a group, till this past year. With all of the technology is out there now. It has made it fun and easy to conduct these investigations. We take  paranormal seriously. We conduct ourselves in a professional way .